The future is green: A workshop to map research priorities in Greenland

A breakout session of the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum
27 August @ 18:05-19:00 in Katuaq Cultural Centre
Organized by the Greenland Research Council

This session highlights Greenland’s ambition to be an exporter of hydropower and mining rare earth minerals, which would support the technology for the green transition.

From a Greenland perspective, the attraction of investors to the large hydropower resources, mineral extraction, and other off-take industry projects is expected to create value for Greenland in the form of new high skilled and blue-collar jobs and an additional new income stream for the treasury from royalties and taxes.
To aid future investment and development within the green energy and technology sector, Greenland needs data and information. This is where research comes in. At this session, we invite stakeholders and researchers to take part in a dialogue that can aid in

  • identifying current knowledge gaps and research priorities
  • gather input for new research questions regarding future green development, and
  • explore possibilities for synergy and cooperation


  • Josephine Nymand, Chair, Greenland Research Council
  • Rasmus Wendt, Head of Division, Ministry for Agriculture, Self-Sufficiency, Energy and Environment
  • Representative from Nukissiorfiit
  • Anette Juul-Nielsen, Head of Geology Department, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Justice
  • Lill Rastad Bjørst, Associate Professor, Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University
  • Jennifer Mercer, Section Head, Arctic Sciences Section, Office of Polar Programs, U.S. National Science Foundation

For more information please contact secretary Maliina Jensen, telephone: +299361200 / +299222090, e-mail:  

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