Coordination meeting: Arctic Circle Greenland Forum

Arctic Circle Greenland Forum is coming up.

With many Arctic stakeholders gathered in Nuuk on 27-29 August, we aim to set Greenland research on the agenda.

Greenland Research Council and Arctic Hub invite you to join a dialogue about session proposals, coordinate workshop activity during the Greenland Forum, and find potential collaborators.

Please feel free to share the invitation with your colleagues.

Round the table:

Greenland research Council:

  • MoU with Rannís – Icelandic Centre for Research (see attachment). Focus on facilitating and supporting Greenland-Iceland cooperation in research and education, and co-hosting of events, first in line;
  •  Pre-event to be held on 25-26 August: Mapping Greenland and Iceland research priorities; fisheries, blue economy, geopolitics, and the human dimension.
  • Funding workshop

Arctic Hub:

  • Global need for Arctic knowledge (research & business; cooperation with Arctic Economic Council)
  • Arctic strategies – common interests (Arctic strategies/security policy; cooperation with Nasiffik)

Round the table – we invite you to share your plans. Is anyone looking for collaboration? Can we help facilitate your plans and ideas for an Arctic Circle Greenland Forum event?

Date & time:
3 May at 10:00-11:00 in Pikialaarfik, room 307, and online via this teams link.

If you are unable to join the coordination meeting but interested in participating in a GRC / Arctic Hub session, you are always welcome to contact us:

Jula Maegaard-Hoffmann, Arctic Hub, telephone 361284, e-mail:

Maliina Jensen, secretary, Greenland Research Council, telephone: 361255/222090, e-mail:

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