Community-based monitoring of the ocean temperature in Uummannaq

Community-based monitoring of the ocean temperature in Uummannaq

Research leader: Patrick Farnole, Guest researcher at Greenland Climate Research Center, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources; PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, Canada
Others involved:
Heidi Andreasen, PI (project co-lead), marine biologist, Uummannaq Polar Institute
Lorenz Meire, Oceanographer and guest researcher at Greenland Climate Research Center, GINR
Caroline Bouchard, researcher, Greenland Climate Research Center, GINR
John Radford, CEO ZebraTech Ltd

Keywords: ocean temperature, citizen science, traditional ecological knowledge, climate change

Research area, purpose and research questions:
This project is at the intersection of oceanography, traditional knowledge and fisheries. The purpose of the
project is to leverage on modern technology providing autonomous Temperature-Depth sensors to set up a
community-based monitoring practice bringing together local fishers, youngsters and scientists. Research questions
range from “What are the seasonal and interannual changes of temperature observed in the Uummannaq fjord?”,
“How can local communities take ownership of the monitoring of the ocean’s temperature in a place like
Uummannaq?”, “How can we bring together scientists and fishermen’s knowledge to help understand climate change’s
local impact?”.

Inclusion of society and dissemination to society:
This project is a community-based initiative. Fishermen and local children are and will continue being the main
actors and contributors in this project. The scientific figures are chosen by the fishers so that they can share their
observations within their community. We believe that these bridges between fishers and youngsters, and between
fishers and scientists, will have a positive impact on the community.

We will produce a video explaining the purpose and showing the process in place. We also plan to publish a report
through the Uummannaq Polar Institute communication channels: local event (kaffemik/presentation), website,
facebook and Linkedin.

Project start and completion date: 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2021

Granted: 98.665,00 kr.

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