Research leader: Lorenz Meire, Senior Scientist, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

Other participant: John Mortensen, Senior Scientist, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

Research area, purpose and research questions:
The sea is indispensably connected with Greenland and transportation depends very much on the conditions in the fjord. Presently weather models provide improved predictions on wind conditions yet Greenland’s complex topography still result in inaccurate predictions for many fjords. It is well known that sailing in Ameralik, close to Nuuk, is not always pleasant with strong fjord winds and resulting waves even though weather in Nuuk is nice. In this project, we aim to deploy a buoy that collects and transmits wave, wind, sea surface temperature, and barometric pressure data in real-time in Ameralik. In this way, we will test if we can provide reliable real-time data on sailing conditions in the fjords to general public and potentially expend this to other places better indication on fjord condition. Additionally this allows us to collect surface data in central part of Ameralik on wind, wave and ocean temperature which is scientifically valuable as well.

Methods for competence building in the form of inclusion of society and dissemination to society:
The project will be presented at “kulturnat” in Nuuk and through discussion with public we aim to assess in which way we can provide more oceanographic data that could be usefull.
The project is primarily designed to provide data to population of Nuuk on sailing (waves and wind) conditions in Ameralik.

Granted: 70.000 DKK.

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