Mitdlarak Lennert appointed as chair of Greenland Research Council

Naalakkersuisut – The Government of Greenland has appointed Mitdlarak Lennert as the new chair of the Greenland Research Council. She will lead the council’s efforts to strengthen the development of Greenland research over the next 3-year term.

Published 8 March 2024

Naalakkersuisut – The Government of Greenland has appointed 8 members to the Greenland Research Council for a 3-year term. Mitdlarak Lennert has been appointed chair.

The new council members are:

  • Mitdlarak Lennert (chair), independent consultant and external lecturer at Ilisimatusarfik – University of Greenland
  • Gert Mulvad, regional doctor at The Greenlandic Health Service (reappointed)
  • Inoqut Kristensen, investment manager and analyst at Nalik Ventures
  • Kirsty Langley, researcher at Asiaq – Greenland Survey
  • Lorenz Meire, senior researcher at the Greenland Climate Research Center, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
  • Louise Sandberg Sørensen, senior researcher at DTU Space, affiliated with Arctic DTU – Ilinniarfeqarfik Sisimiut
  • Rasmus Leander Nielsen, associate professor and head of Nasiffik – Centre for Foreign & Security Policy at Ilisimatusarfik – University of Greenland
  • Vivi Noahsen, head of the archives at Greenland National Museum & Archives

Minister of Statehood and Foreign Affairs, Vivian Motzfeldt, comments:

– Since 2014, the Greenland Research Council has played an important role in accordance with the legislation to promote and strengthen the development of Greenland research for the benefit of our society and country. On behalf of Naalakkersuisut, I would like to thank the preceding council for their efforts, and welcome the new council. Greenland Research Council is tasked with advising Naalakkersuisut and the ministries with regard to research. I look forward to working with the newly appointed members and thank the nominated candidates submitted by institutions and companies. (English translation from statement in Greenlandic and Danish)

Mitdlarak Lennert is an independent consultant and has a background in social sciences with a focus on the governance system and administrative context of the Greenland primary and lower secondary school system. Mitdlarak Lennert succeeds Josephine Nymand, who has been the chair of Greenland Research Council from 2017-2023.

In connection with her appointment, Mitdlarak Lennert states:

– Greenland’s first national research strategy was adopted a little over a year ago. With the research strategy, Naalakkersuisut – the Government of Greenland has determined the political visions and objectives for research in Greenland. Greenland Research Council’s efforts will contribute to realizing these objectives. I look forward to working as chair to strengthen the framework around Greenland research and the research council.

Greenland Research Council is a public, governmental advisory and independent research funding body. The main tasks of the council are to:

  • Promote and strengthen Greenland research to the benefit of Greenland society
  • Improve the quality and internationalization of Greenland research by awarding grants through open competition and with scientific excellence and societal benefit as overarching criteria
  • Advise decision makers and international stakeholders on research policy and research professional matters
  • Strengthen the dissemination and application of research findings

In 2023, the council celebrated its 10th anniversary since the establishment of the council with Inatsisartut Act No. 5 of 29 November 2013 on research advising and granting of research funds. 

More information

Press inquiries can be directed to secretary Maliina Jensen, tel. (+299) 361200, e-mail:

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