Greenland launches first national research strategy

The Government of Greenland has presented its first national research strategy. The document defines how research in Greenland should develop over the next eight years and in which areas investments should be concentrated. 

12 January 2023

The Government of Greenland has announced its research strategy for 2022-30, aimed at strengthening Greenland’s research capacity as a tool for sustainable development, diversifying the country’s economy and tackling future challenges. The document has been developed in cooperation with the Greenland Research Council and Greenland research institutions.

– It has been a pleasure advising the Government in defining the goals and initiatives of the strategy to promote the best development for Greenland research in the coming years. I am happy and pleased with the approval of the strategy, and that we now have a set of clear and shared objectives that we can all work together towards, says Josephine Nymand, chair of Greenland Research Council.

The strategy defines the Government of Greenland’s visions for the development of research in Greenland and outlines four main goals:

  1. Research must be anchored in Greenland
  2. Research must support sustainable societal development
  3. Research results must be easily accessible to all
  4. Research efforts must be at an international level

13 initiatives have been defined as means to achieve the goals including the expansion of research facilities, the development of national research ethical guidelines, and increasing public and private funding for research.

– Throughout the development of the strategy, our focus has been on strengthening the broader, institutional, economic, and ethical framework for Greenland research. Developing Greenland research requires that we continue building up a critical mass of research capacity in the country and that we ensure good conditions for the pursuit of new research ideas. This calls for long-term investments in research and research training, and that we work together to drive change. At the same time, we should prioritize international research cooperation, and ensure that we maximize the societal benefits of research conducted in Greenland e.g., through the development of national research ethical guidelines, says Josephine Nymand.

Greenland’s National Research Strategy 2022-30 can be downloaded here

More information:

Josephine Nymand, Chair of Greenland Research Council, e-mail:, telephone: +299 361234

Maliina Jensen, Secretary, Greenland Research Council, e-mail:, telephone: +299 361200

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