Research Funding

Each year, Greenland Research Council funds research projects affiliated with Greenland institutions, within and across all main scientific areas.

Greenland Research Council administer two funding programs: the Research Promotion Grants Program and the PhD and Postdoctoral Stipends Program. Greenland Research Council prioritize research projects that are locally anchored in Greenland and of benefit to society, emphasizing knowledge and competence building consolidated in Greenland.

Research Promotion Grants

The grants available amount to a maximum of DKK 100,000 for individual projects within a single institution. Grants between DKK 100,000-250,000 can be applied for individual projects with at least two collaborating institutions.

Read our funding criteria in the call text below.

Application deadline 2024

Deadline: 1 March

Application Processing

The deadline for submission of applications is 1 March.

Expect 8 weeks of processing time from the application deadline.
All applicants will be notified of the application outcome.

If, before the end of the application deadline, the applicant discovers that an already submitted application is incomplete or deficient, the full application must be resubmitted together with the missing information. The applicant should then inform the Greenland Research Council secretariat that a new and complete application has been submitted. Contact: secretary Maliina Jensen, e-mail: or via telephone: (+299) 361200.
If the application deadline has already passed, the application will be assessed as it is.

Applicants must meet the following requirements for eligibility:
• the application has been submitted online via
• All relevant sections of the application form are complete
• the number of pages does not exceed the number specified
• the applicant has submitted a report to the Greenland Research Council secretariat on funds previously received
The terms are the same regardless of citizenship.

Grantee responsibilities:

• The grantee is responsible for ensuring that the grant is used for the designated purpose.
• The grantee must publish the results of the research project.
• Funded projects must upload their project on Isaaffik – the Arctic Gateway at the website
• In connection with the publication of the results of the research project, the grantee must state that the research project has received a grant from the Greenland Research Council.

No later than four months after the end of the project, the applicant must provide accounts for the grant, a report of a maximum of 400 words and, if relevant, easy-to-understand illustrations in a form that is suitable for dissemination to the Greenland population.
All publications of results must be documented in the final report submitted via the applicant portal of the website.

PhD and Postdoc Stipends

Each year, the Government of Greenland and the Danish state co-fund a number of PhD and postdoctoral stipends. The stipends are intended to strengthen Danish-Greenlandic research cooperation and support young researchers. All major scientific fields are prioritized.

The Greenlandic Research Council evaluates applications, while the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources administers the stipends.
Information on eligibility and application forms can be found on the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources website: 

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