Agreement on Cooperation between the Greenland and Faroese Research Councils

Greenland Research Council – Nunatsinni Ilisimatusarnermik Siunnersuisoqatigiit – and Research Council Faroe Islands – Granskingarráðið – have signed an agreement on cooperation.

29 June 2023


The purpose of the agreement (MoU) is to strengthen cooperation between the research and innovation communities in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Greenland and the Faroe Islands have common interests and encounter similar challenges as small-scale societies in remote locations. The number of researchers in each field is limited and the dependency on individuals is high.

The countries have mutual interests, including in the fields of oceans, climate, environment, health, culture, tourism, research infrastructure, and other matters related to the Arctic region.

In recent years there has been an increase in bilateral relations between Greenland and the Faroe Islands, e.g. through the West Nordic Council.
Through joint participation in Forum for Arktisk Forskning – FAF – and Marine Research in the North Atlantic Ocean programme – MARiNAO –, new connections and collaborations have been established between the two research communities in recent years.

Furthermore, both countries are engaged in international cooperation and initiatives such as Ocean Decade which they intend to use as a platform for common initiatives focusing on the importance of the ocean for the two countries.

The cooperation agreement seeks to identify synergies between the two countries´ research and innovation activities and create opportunities for joint funding of activities and projects that promote bilateral scientific collaboration, including mobility programs and co-hosting of workshops and seminars.

The agreement also seeks to strengthen gathering and usage of statistical data on research and innovation and to promote other scientific and organizational cooperation in European and Nordic projects.

More information:
Secretary Maliina Jensen, Greenland Research Council, tel. 361200/222090, email:

Chair of Greenland Research Council Josephine Nymand, tel. 361234, email:

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