Research Institutions and their Strategies

The Government of Greenland has established a number of Research Institutions in Greenland.

Under the link of the various institutions, you can read the associated individual strategies presented during the Seminar on Joint Research Strategy on October 19th  2016.

Read ‘Goals and Strategy of the University of Greenland as well as the Vision on Arctic Research Hub by the Rector’ here (in Danish), presented by Rector Tine Pars.

Read ‘Local Capacity Building’ by Greenland Center for Health Research here (in Danish), presented by District Doctor Gert Mulvad.

Read ‘Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2022 of Greenland Institute of Natural Resources’ here (in Danish), presented by præsenteret af Director Klaus Nygaard.

Greenland National Museum & Archives
Read ‘Research, Conservation, and Dissemination’ as well as the Strategy of the National and Archive of Greenland here (in Danish), presented by Archivist Inge Høst Seiding.

Read the ‘Perspective on Research of the Strategy of ASIAQ’ here (in Danish), presented by Director Bo Naamansen.

Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK)
Read the ‘Research Strategy of ARTEK’ here, presented by Institute Director Niels-Jørgen Aagaard.

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
Read the ‘Research Strategy of GEUS’ here (in Danish), presented by the Senior Consultant Kisser Thorsøe.

Statistics Greenland

Read ‘Research in the Center’ here (in Danish), presented by Reasearch Coordinator Sten Lund.

Read ‘Looking ahead’ by the Ministry of Mineral Resources here (in English), presented by Doctor Julia Hollis.

Professional Consultancy Service

Committee on Research Ethics

Company of Medicine in Greenland

NUNAMED – A Conference about Medicine in Greenland

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