8 research projects receive funding from Greenland Research Council

Greenland Research Council has granted DKK 1 million to 8 research projects, that will be carried out at the University of Greenland, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Asiaq – Greenland Survey, and Queen Ingrid’s Hospital.

 Published 10 June 2024

8 research projects have received funding from Greenland Research Council’s Research Promotion Grants Program 2024. The grants go to:

  • Aili Labansen, researcher at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), to explore machine learning for use in seabird monitoring. Read about her project here
  • Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann, assistant professor at the University of Greenland, to document the cultural-historical significance of capelin in Greenland. The project is carried out together with photographer and biologist Carsten Egevang. Read more here
  • Diana Krawczyk, researcher at GINR, to map the historical deglaciation of Nuup Kangerlua and its impact on the distribution patterns of paleo-Inuit settlements. The project is carried out in collaboration with Frederik Fuuja Larsen, museum manager at the Greenland National Museum & Archives, and professor Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz from Aarhus University, Department of Geoscience. Read more here
  • Kirsty Langley, researcher at Asiaq – Greenland Survey, to study the dynamics of the snowpack in Kangerluarsunnguaq (Kobbefjord) and its implications for vegetation, wildlife, and human activities. Read more here
  • Marie Louis, postdoc at GINR, to define management units and the genetic health of white-beaked and white-sided dolphins in the North Atlantic and the Arctic. Read more here
  • Najaaraq Demant-Poort, PhD student at Ilisimatusarfik, to conduct a questionnaire survey on social trust and trust in political and administrative institutions in Greenland. Read more here
  • Narissa Bax, postdoc at GINR, to study climate change effects on Arctic blue carbon ecosystems. Read more here
  • Umbreen Yousaf, consultant clinical oncologist at Queen Ingrid’s Hospital, to conduct a retrospective observational study on the clinical course of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in Greenland. Read more here

In connection with the distribution of funding, Chair of Greenland Research Council Mitdlarak Lennert stated:

When we distribute funds for research, we provide opportunities for Greenland researchers and their collaborators to pursue new ideas and new knowledge. Funding from the Research Promotion Grants Program often goes toward smaller pilot projects testing a research idea that potentially can lead to bigger and more comprehensive studies. I look forward to following the projects and learning about the new knowledge that will unfold.

Invest more in Greenland research

Greenland Research Council administers Greenland’s national research funds through two programs: the Research Promotion Grants and the PhD and Postdoctoral Stipends. The purpose of the funds is to support the development of Greenland research, including researcher training.

The Research Promotion Grants Program is designed to promote the development of research collaboration between Greenland’s research communities, industries, public administrative bodies, and civil society. There are no thematic restrictions for the program. In 2024, the program had a total budget of DKK 1.2 million. Due to the limitation of the budget, the research council has determined a funding limit of DKK 250,000 per application.

– With an annual budget of DKK 1.2 million, the program does not reflect the funding needs of Greenland research, says Mitdlarak Lennert.

She elaborates:

– Often, Greenland researchers look to other places for funding. Many succeed, but it also places significant limitations on the researchers’ opportunities to obtain funding. In many ways, there is an unfulfilled potential in Greenland research, that I hope Greenland Research Council can help to shed light on. Our society has a lot to gain from investing in research which generates new knowledge about our society, nature, and culture.

Key figures: The Research Promotion Grants Program 2024

Greenland Research Council received a total of 12 applications by this year’s application deadline for the Research Promotion Grants Program on 1 March 2024.

The total budget for the applications received was almost DKK 8.5 million with a total applied for amount of DKK 1.5 million. The funding limit was DKK 100,000 for projects led by one research institution, and DKK 250,000 for collaborative projects with at least two institutions participating.

The number of female applicants was 11, there was a one male applicant, and all 8 grants were awarded to women.

Read about the funded projects here.


Maliina Jensen, secretary, Greenland Research Council, tel. +299 361200, e-mail: maje@nis.gl

Chair of the Greenland Research Council Mitdlarak Lennert, e-mail: miilla@lennertconsult.gl

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