Greenland’s First Real-Time Online Water Temperature Measurements

Greenland’s First Real-Time Online Water Temperature Measurements

Lorenz Meire

Fakultet / Forskningsinstitution:
Naturvidenskab / Grønlands Naturinstitut

Greenland’s First Real-Time Online Water Temperature Measurements

The Greenland Ice Sheet is melting at an unprecedented rate, and as a result, the fjords and continental shelves around Greenland are exposed to an increasing freshwater runoff. In this project, we aim to further develop an existing network of moored instruments which record pressure, temperature and salinity in the fjord and install a new instrument in Nuuk. Scientifically, the goal of the proposal is to provide new data on seasonal changes in temperature and salinity at the mouth of the fjord, which will further complement the existing network and provide new insight on the physical dynamics at the mouth of the fjord ecosystem. Additionally, we aim to increase the public awareness of the Nuuk citizens for their fjords physical surrounding. Data collected by the new instrument will be shown online in real-time, allowing people to check and follow the changes in water temperature and salinity in Nuuk.

Metoder for inklusion af samfundet og formidling overfor samfundet:
Data from this project will be in real-time available on the new climate centre website ( with explanation on physical processes in Greenland fjords. In this way we want to engage the wider public in the physical measurements we perform and the importance of it. To increase visibility, results will be presented in national (KNR, Sermitsiaq, Nuuk ugeavis) media.

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